Audio Restoration

All tracks are received and restored. They will be uploaded to our private client server for you to review comment approve purchase and download. 

         - requested file formats are included at no  additional cost

Using the most current and sophisticated hand picked digital restoration tools, in combination with our fully treated & calibrated room, we do also provide dedicated restoration services to all whom need them. By analyzing, isolating, and cleaning troubled files with minimal impact to the original source material, our Lab is here to help your material sound as clear and clean or artifacts or unwanted noise as possible. This service is normally included when mastering is requested. However, when there is a need solely for restoration, we are happy to help in any way we can.


- If interested in this service, please indicate that request when you contact the Lab. Thank you 

We accept restoration requests with digital audio files only (e.g .AIFF, .WAV, FLAC) 


Embedded issues such as clicks, pops, dropouts, crackles, distortion, unwanted environmental noise  - we're here to help.