Two Channel Mastering 

All tracks are mastered  by Maximilian Riley and are completed and uploaded to our client server  for review in a timely manner. All master assets are then submitted for approval, revision requests, delivery requests ect. using our secure online client server. Once the approval process is complete all master asset files, are uploaded and payment processing services are activated. Once payment is received, download privileges are granted all final master asset are made available.  


Alternative versions (such as acapellas, Radio versions are available w/ additional costs for more information with regards to our rate sheet & Deliverables contact us directly & book your session today.  


All orders are subject to Sales Tax.




- Critical --


Make sure that you are finished and satisfied with your arrangement, production & final mixing process prior to sending to Mastering 


* Provide a mixed file that has little to NO plugins or processing on your master buss ideally the ladder

* (optional) Send us your MIX/MASTER limited Version (if available) as reference- to get a sense of your loudness goals for that file along with your non limited 2 channel mix.

*  For best results submit a final mix with a natura average RMS level of around -24  to -12 Db  with a peak level of -3 ideally. As long as your final mix isn't clipping, I can work with it. Depending on your desire for dynamics its important that the final mix provide us headroom. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask we are here to help you sound great!

* Make sure to properly label all final mix files with Artist name, Song Name, Album Name (if applicable) original (Sample Rate & Bit Depth) As well as File classification (e.g Final Mix, MixMaster/Ref). Prior to completing the mastering process, please also provide us with any and all project information/metadata/album artwork etc. needed for delivery.

Finally make sure to communicate with us your ideas, thoughts, throughout the process so we can better serve you and goals.

- Critical --

Make sure that you are finished and satisfied with your arrangement, production & final mixing process prior to sending it off to be mastered 


When exporting your tracks for mastering make sure to give us the files as they were created. DO NOT DO ANY SAMPLE RATE conversion as this can affect the overall sound quality of your mastering process. If you created the arrangement at 44.1/16 Bit and another at 48k/24Bit i.e, give us each file as is it was originally created. we will handle the files and process them accordingly for optimum quality. Note: In this day and age we encourage all producers, mixers, and content creators to ideally work at 24Bit at the recording  & mixing stages of production.  

If you have any questions please let us know